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Half Moon

A New Season On The Half Moon

2013 is an important year for the Replica Ship Half Moon, not history-wise, but maintenance-wise. This year, the Half Moon will undergo major projects, including a haul out on Staten Island to make repairs to the hull. Other projects include the replacement of running rigging, standing rigging and woodwork throughout the ship.

In order for these necessary repairs and maintenance to take place, a crew will begin the season with a short, weekend trip from Verplanck to Athens. The voyage will commence Saturday, April 6th an end Sunday April 7th.

Even before this trip can begin, many arrangements are underway, including planning, expenses, food, transportation, and organization. This week, a few of the senior crew members will head to Verplanck to get all systems aboard the ship operational and prepare the Half Moon for the arrival of our new volunteers next week.

If you would like to find our more information about the Replica Ship Half Moon and New Netherland Museum, visit them online: http://halfmoonreplica.org

Bon Voyage!


About Dave Ellis

Hi, my name is Dave Ellis. I am an avid sailor, photographer, graphic design guru, and mountain biker. I enjoy capturing the world through photographs and sharing my experiences online via Facebook, and the many blogs and websites I manage. Right now, I am working on an iPhone App for the New Netherland Museum and its replica ship, Half Moon.


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Latest News

The Replica Ship Half Moon is currently docked at King Marine In Verplack, NY. Over the course of the next few weeks, crews will work to get all systems aboard the ship ready for the first voyage of the season, when the ship will then be sailed to our working berth at Peckham Materials in Athens.

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