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Half Moon

Spring Shakedown 2011

Rachel Laufer and Alex Sharpe work together to furl the main course.

Howdy! On April 8th, an energetic crew of 26 set out aboard the Replica Ship Half Moon, en route for Peckham Wharf in Athens, New York. The Half Moon has been docked at King Marine in Verplanck, New York since last November. This is the first voyage of the season. During this voyage, we worked hard to get all of the systems properly working. These systems begin with the first start of the engine to the inspection and upgrading of the marine toilet and chemical waste plant.

Due to amazing weather conditions of Friday, April 8th, our early crew was able to move the ship out of the bulkhead at King Marine, a day ahead of schedule! First things first, the tarps, which were used to prevent the ship from weathering throughout the winter had to come down. This year, the tarps also were wrapped around the yards, this allowed us to leave the sails attached and not have to take them down, which is a process the is quite complex. Earlier crew who arrived on Thursday had made great headway in removing the ice eaters from inside the bulkhead, as well as in organizing the tarps and gear.

On Saturday, we were able to sleep in until 6:30. Great weather conditions allowed us to travel quite a distance, nearly making our way to Athens in one day! However, we anchored by around 10:00pm, leaving yet another amazing day to finally get the sails unfurled and practice line handing and sail handling. Sunday, we rose early to raise the anchor, which is really, really, really heavy! The job is done in no time and we are shortly underway. As soon as breakfast is served, we are already preparing for a day full of great sailing. Alex and I decide to climb up the rigging to the foremast to unfurl the fore course and fore top. Other crew members do the same on the main mast.

Sailing is finally underway, as we assemble teams of crew to practice sail handling. What an exciting shakedown voyage it was!


About Dave Ellis

Hi, my name is Dave Ellis. I am an avid sailor, photographer, graphic design guru, and mountain biker. I enjoy capturing the world through photographs and sharing my experiences online via Facebook, and the many blogs and websites I manage. Right now, I am working on an iPhone App for the New Netherland Museum and its replica ship, Half Moon.


One thought on “Spring Shakedown 2011

  1. Hey, David, great to see your blog! Thanks for making the post, and even more for making the trip.

    Posted by Half Moon Captain | April 14, 2011, 5:35 pm

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The Replica Ship Half Moon is currently docked at King Marine In Verplack, NY. Over the course of the next few weeks, crews will work to get all systems aboard the ship ready for the first voyage of the season, when the ship will then be sailed to our working berth at Peckham Materials in Athens.

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